My name is Whitney. I started the Travel Better Guide to help new and experienced travelers plan a trip with less stress! I want to provide the resources you need to create your dream itineraries and have rewarding travel experiences.

Personally, I’m always planning my next trip. Planning gets me excited for the next adventure, and figuring out important details in advance means I can handle any travel hiccups. In other words, once it’s trip time, I can relax and enjoy it!

I also love how technology makes traveling easier than ever. Developers frequently create new tools for researching, booking, navigating, and photographing travel. Therefore, I will update the Travel Better Guide as new resources become available that change the way we travel.

If it’s your first time here, start with Plan a Trip: The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Travel. I hope it makes your trip planning process easier than ever and that you return to it trip after trip.

Happy adventuring!